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Oh, if there are more lizard, then you need to worry about one thing, that there are too many insects are there at your home for the lizards to survive! Its urine makes allergy and some sort of irritation with swelling. It is so poisonous if it is falling into any cooked items. So, one should be cautious in these counts, if not believe in the calls and signs!

Dear Sir My humble salutations to you. I have finalised the marriage of my son with the blessings of elders. I would like to solemnise the marriage in the tamil month of Thai in Sarvadahari Varusham. I am informed that the month of Thai in Sarvadhari Varusham is not good as the month does not have Guru Parvai for its entire length. Kindly advise me as I am getting conflicting opinions.

There is no general Muhurtham available during the Tamil month Thai. This also, only if the star is suitable to the boy and girl, one can avail these two Muhurthams. Giving a general list of gem stones for each sign would not be correct, as one has to wear a particular gem stone for a specific period. It is depending on ones personal natal chart and the running Dasa Bhukti, one has to choose a stone for weaker planets that might cause some imbalance in the chart. So one has to check the Dasa bukti before going for a gem stone.

My daughter is staying at New York and now she is carrying. Her delivery date predicted during February, I under stand from now to till that date there are many lunar and solar grahanam will be taking place. Will you please tell me about the grahanam time at New york during the period from now upto February, end. Her star is Mirugaseerisham. If so what are the pariharam we she should and or she must do it.

For any specific period one can get the World Clock and time converter and know the exact timing for any desired local station from this link. For affected stars you can find in this link and for pariharam one can avail the GrahaNa Peeda Parihara slokha from this link. Hope this helps you in finding the answer. Answer: Every Almanac known as panchangam gives in detail about the raminder time of a days nakshatra. To know the Rasi, it is also provided in the same panchagam about which nakshatra belong to which sign. You can also avail the details of Nakshatra Padam from here. Bhargavi - Moola Nakshatra 3rd quarter - Dhanur Rasi.

Answer: Every astrologer has his own way of telling things! Whether connected to the divine subject or not, the modern trend is always to find some thing new and explore the possibilities of getting relief, if not from the Ancient Vedic Astrology, then through any other modern subjects. Astrology is the one great subject for forewarning surely not to stop the happenings but only to caution and can be considered only as a fair judgment.

Any ordinary person could get confused with many available channels today and wonder which one need to be believed. In all fairness, the naming part of Astrology is certainly has its fruits. And if a person is named with some divine and correct accent, surely there is benefit for the subject. Of course, the other methods do have some value, but all that are suitable to the originating topographical conditions and not for us in India - that is Bharat. The Vedic substance is certainly working far better to the natives. The full dressings viz. Suit, coat and Tie can be relieving effect from the cold in the western countries.

But can this be alternate to a person living in India during hot summer? Everything in the Vedic scripts are evolved according the to needs of persons. The climatic, topographic and cultural values are certainly there in the Vedic reliance which is not available in other medium of Astrology. Incidentally, the evaluation of mathematics was very well in existence during the Vedic era. Why, even the figure digit "0" was invented by our own sages!

The Vedic Ganitha too speaks volumes on this and the subject Astrology surely based on the same Vedic Astrology with Vedic Mathematics. But they never tried on the Numerology but stuck to Astrology which is purely based on celestial passions and movements of planets that influenced the Earth and its subjects.

So, naming as per Vedic system is certainly a valid one, even in todays changed circumstances with many more available options! The Vedic Astrology based naming is the best suited to all. Thats why, in those days the name of any person would always be that of one or other name among thousands of Lord Gods name. The modern developed numerology has no such things as it is centristic to the 26 Alphabets of English which is not found in our Vedic scripts.

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And the value and phonetic vibrations are too far high to mention in Sanskrit; even the advanced computer intellects agree, Sanskrit would do far better and easy, if applied to computer basics than in English. The mad rush for all imported materials are the one reason that blinded the Indian civilization which is the oldest one to recognize. In this count, the Astrology too has taken in many shapes, ignoring the very basic value of Vedic Ganitha Sasthra based Vedic Astrology. These evil forces do act with no considerations to the law or humanity. Some of the Atharva Vedha scripts do deal with the subject and there is certainly a connection made through wave-length and medium of souls to spoil every chance of peaceful living by the socalled black-magic dealers.

Sri Sudarsana Gayatri and Sri Sudarsana Ashtakam will definitely protect one from getting affected by these evil forces. Sri Nrusimha stothra too will protect the persons who recites these slokas regularly. Answer: No , it is absolutely not possible to erect a chart without correct birth time. Also, for the shadow planet Rahu this grass is used as Samithu during Homam known as Havan. Can we do the Horoscopes matching for Alliances during the Mahalayapatcham days which is currently on?

Some people say we should not and Some say we can. Please clarify. Answer: No, during Pithru Paksha and also during Dhanur month Margazhi masam exchange of horoscopes or even taking up the topic is not recommended. There are surely some meaning to it, that each specific period is to be devoted to certain rituals only and nothing auspicious can be undertaken.

In this contect, exchanging of horoscopes too is not recommended during pithru paksha known as Mahala Paksham. Thanks in advance. Regards, S. What is the right age to create a Horoscope?. My daughter is 4 Years old. Should we create a chart now? Answer: Once the Abdhapoorthy Ayush Homam is over on completion of one full year, one car prepare a Horoscope chart. These details are available in every almanac known as Panchangam. Also Theetharu Nakshatra known as 12 inauspicious nakshatra can be avoided. These Nakshatra days are highlighted in yellow in the second table given in this page.

Is it advisable to start any new venture or buy anything new on Amavasya day being Niranja Naal as per our Tamil Calender and as told by some elderly people or Not?. There is some mis-conception about this. Is it good or bad? Though for the Tamilians Amavasya is considered a good day to start events, it is not so elsewhere in India! No auspicious functions such as Vidyarambam, Upanayanam, Seemantham, Bhumsavanam, Marriage etc are taken on the Amavasya.

However, for travel, entering new home, boiling milk in the new house etc. Answer: Neither! It make bit confusing about one minute before or after which I had mentioned above.

Tamil horoscope match making online

So which time I will prefer either 9. I want to get horoscope for him which should be possible either London time or Indian time? Please reply me soon. I am waiting for your answer. Answer: One should always take the local birth time to erect a chart. One minute variation could cause change in Lagna if the same falls in the border case - i. However if the birth time fall within the middle part of the Lagna, then there wont be any change. There can be a slight variation of Dasa bukthi by few days.

The entire rules are one and the same for all.

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Other than this, there is nothing much difference. While they star matching is taken, they consider 36 Gunas in other parts while the same is counted for 10 point matching known as Vivaha Dasa Porutham. Answer: No, Kali Yuga consists of 4,32, years and only 5, years gone so far. The remaining 4,26, years to ;!

As of November We are still in its first quarter. Respected Sir Is it necessary to perform pithru santhi during the sani dasa period. In my horoscope saturn and sun occupies the 5th place ie. Kindly clarify. The sani dasa started one year back with regards Ragunathan. You can also pray and chant Sri Sudarsana Ashtakam and stothrams, that will give you enough strength.

How effective is wearing the gems into ones life? Answer: The cosmic radiation plus the mineral value combined together said to offset the weaker planets malefic influences. By wearing appropriate stone to the prescribed size, certainly give positive effects. Answer: In my personal analysis, most of the possitive blood group persons belong to Mangalik! Good Morning sir. According to rahu planets, consume the essence of blade grass daily.

Respected sir, i am from srirangam trichy ,my father expired last year ,we did all the last rights sincerly but unfurtunately we forgot to do the 45th day una masigam ,sir i would like to know whether there are any options for this because we are facing many obstacles nowadays ,please help me sir. Answer: If any of the Oona masikam not performed, then one should forget about it totally as there is no alternate to this. As a pariharam, during Mahalaya paksha you can do the hiranya srardham to get relief for the sake of your athma thrupti. Namaskaram, We are vadagalai iyengars planning to perform the upanayanam for our kid who is 7 yrs old during the month of Maasi.

We would like to know the following. As per our vadhiyar, the child should have seen 82 amavasyas before upanayanam. Is that true. My son was born on 20th May Is he eligible for upanayanam during maasi. Is it advisable. Which is more auspicious - doing it on the before day evening or on the same day. Now a days we could see people giving gifts during upanayanam.

Which is more advisable - giving gifts or dress materials. Sir, request your advise in this regard for us to proceed further. Regards Vaidehi. Answer: Yes, Your vadyaar is correct. At the begenning of 7th year, Brahmmobadesam to be performed. Many are unaware of these facts in these days. Conducting Udhagashanthi the earlier day is always the best. Now-a-days, for want of time and resources, it has become normal to perform it on the Muhurtham day itself. The most important gift for the Vadu: biksha - Rice and Bengal gram; any silver item; as no one uses Dhoti etc on regular daily basis because of some compulsions viz.

Though, I am listing the practical ones! If they are allowing wehre they are allowing in the temple. Answer: A stay in and around at Srirangam would suffice to weed off such doshams. No one is allowed to stay inside the temple compounds during the night time. There are many guest houses where one can stay overnight. Best wishes, 64 9 Question 7. Mohan There is no general Muhurtham available during the Tamil month Thai. Answer: Giving a general list of gem stones for each sign would not be correct, as one has to wear a particular gem stone for a specific period.

It is listed on your site as a remedy for skin ailments. Is it auspiscious or inauspiscious? Taurus Rishabam. Gemini Mithunam. Cancer Katakam.

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tamil vakya panchangam astrology online Tamil vakya panchangam astrology online
tamil vakya panchangam astrology online Tamil vakya panchangam astrology online
tamil vakya panchangam astrology online Tamil vakya panchangam astrology online
tamil vakya panchangam astrology online Tamil vakya panchangam astrology online
tamil vakya panchangam astrology online Tamil vakya panchangam astrology online
tamil vakya panchangam astrology online Tamil vakya panchangam astrology online
tamil vakya panchangam astrology online Tamil vakya panchangam astrology online
tamil vakya panchangam astrology online Tamil vakya panchangam astrology online
Tamil vakya panchangam astrology online

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