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This will now come to an end in You have shown the world how talented you are.

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You are responsible and mature in work. The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto on January 12, can bring your dream promotion. The lucky planet Jupiter is in your career sector almost all year until December 20, This makes a peak year in terms of work for you. Honor this part of your life. Know where some old wounds reside so you can heal them.

Think about what you are afraid of and where you are going and why that fear exists. Chiron promises strength for your efforts. Look at what you are learning, your spirituality and development. In the beginning of you have a lot of energy. You will also feel good during the late summer months and the first months of fall. Health, nutrition and exercise will not be a priority for you this year. But nevertheless you feel stable in terms of health.

You are assertive, brave and willing to compete. That is why you express yourself with enthusiasm and become a pioneer and initiator. Life is often a struggle for you and you have to win. Being first is the only thing that counts, winning is everything for you. No matter what people say, you are brave and not afraid of anything. You are helpful or disruptive. You motivate others. Then you become an instrument for change.

Uranus Is Going Retrograde and Here’s How Each Sign Will Deal

You want something new to happen so that you can initiate changes. If you are bored then you can create problems and discord. In the pursuit of your pioneering spirit you will find recognition and fulfillment. You want to be the first, a pioneer. You express yourself in action, create new experiences, businesses or groundbreaking new ways of doing things. You fight and bicker with people.

Aries 12222 horoscope:

If you cannot be the first, you can display aggressive and offensive behavior. It is imperative that you get the chance to bring adventure and excitement into your life. Once a year until Uranus enters Gemini, Uranus will retrograde in Taurus for almost half the year. Taurus embodies the organic wisdom of nature, which never rushes, allowing each season and cycle of life to unfold as and when it should. Well-known for its leisurely pace, Taurus focuses on the here and now, the present and tangible.

This is often mistakenly equated with an acquisitive, materialistic inclination. Although Taurus is indeed a sign ruled by Venus, and therefore enjoys a connection to the finer things in life, in truth, Taurus seeks the comfort of the material as an antidote to the chaos of life, choosing to ground itself in beautiful surroundings that communicate permanence.

As a fixed earth sign , Taurus is the most fixed of all the signs; when required, Taurus can become immovable. Globally, the Uranus transit of Taurus may result in innovations and breakthroughs in the handling of our most important asset—planet Earth, our home. Conversations about climate change, green energy, off-grid living, and Earth-friendly diets may become an important component of the cultural zeitgeist.

Some astrologers believe that Uranus in Taurus will disrupt financial markets globally, enabling the further rise of alternative currencies such as bitcoin. Being that Taurus moves relatively slowly, the pace of change may not accelerate nearly as fast as when Uranus transited Aries.

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  • We recommend reading your sun sign and rising sign. Aries sun and Aries Rising. Use the Uranus retrograde in Taurus for insight on how you may develop new ways to manifest more money and material possessions.

    Are you happy with the way you make a living? The next six months could bring exciting—and unusual—answers to this question. Taurus sun and Taurus Rising.

    Love Horoscope 12222

    Things may have been turbulent for Taureans, especially those born in the earlier part of the sign those with birthdays between April 20 and 25, give or take a day. Since Uranus entered your sign earlier this year, it has likely thrown more than one curveball your way, possibly upending relationships and situations previously considered fail-proof. As Uranus retrogrades in Taurus, the pressure will temporarily subside, allowing you to gather your thoughts and actions until it turns direct at the beginning of For you, the best use of this retrograde lays in figuring out what has been keeping you from expressing your true individuality to the outer world; and what has to go in order for you to begin doing so.

    Gemini sun and Gemini Rising. Here, Uranus will be stirring up your unconscious mind and the hidden processes that lay behind your actions, inducing internal changes to release negative and outdated habits.

    Yearly Horoscopes

    When in retrograde, what could have been feeling like intense behind-the-scenes energy will slow down, giving your psyche a bit of a break—or a big breakthrough, alternatively. Use this retrograde to gain spiritual awareness in order to manifest positive growth.

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    Cancer sun and Cancer Rising. Uranus now looks to bring that same intensity of innovation to your hopes, aspirations, friendships, and collective movements.

    Aries Horoscopes: Daily, Love & Monthly Forecast | HuffPost

    The good news is that the Uranus retrograde in Taurus will offer you a temporary reprieve to regroup and identify the right support team to help you wade through these deep waters. Leo sun and Leo Rising. Leo is ready for the spotlight even more than usual. If unexpected news or twists have already come up, expect this nervous energy to slow down in the next six months.

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