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El poder mágico y afrodisiaco de las fresas

Express an interest in charities, especially ones involving children. Cancers secretly love being babied, so it's a great idea to fix this sign a home-cooked meal. Keep the lights low and the music soft Cancer is very responsive to romantic atmospheres. If you've got your sights set on a female Crab, ask permission before you kiss her.

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If you're dating a guy, make the first move and then apologize for being so bold. If you want to seduce a Leo, focus on this sign like a laser. Compliment the way they dress, eat and breathe. Treat him or her to the best of everything, whether it's the center table at the fanciest restaurant in town or the choicest spot on your picnic blanket. When the lights are turned low, run your fingers through the Lion's mane. He or she will purr with delight. Murmur words of praise into his or her ear during foreplay. Your lovemaking will build to a beautiful crescendo. Cleanliness is definitely a virtue when seducing Virgo.

Make sure that your sheets are freshly laundered before taking a tumble with this sign. It's also a good idea to be impeccably groomed yourself. Nothing turns a Virgin on like the smell of French-milled soap. In fact, you may want to take a bath together as a prelude to lovemaking. If you're having trouble even getting a date with Virgo, ask him or her to help organize your desk, proofread a letter or find your keys.

This is a great way to break the ice with this service-oriented sign. When it comes to seducing sophisticated Libra, it's best to summon the spirit of Cary Grant or Audrey Hepburn. This sign needs to be romanced in high style Librans love music, so taking this sign to a concert would be a terrific prelude to lovemaking.

It's a wise idea to perfect your kissing technique before making the first move on Libra. This sign wants a lover with finesse. It may be challenging to seduce secretive Scorpio, since it's hard to gauge this sign's reactions. Don't be fazed if your moves are met with an inscrutable smile A good first move? Take this sign's hand in a darkened movie theater and trace delicate patterns on the inside of his or her palm.

Make love wordlessly and urgently, letting your body do all the communicating. Sagittarians are easily seduced through humor. Crack a few jokes, make a few pratfalls, and leave some funny voicemails if you'd like to get acquainted with the Archer's bedroom. The prospect of making love outdoors always excites the Archer. Invite Sagittarius on a camping trip and be sure to bring a double sleeping bag. Last but not least, people born under this sign are ruled by the thighs and hips. Playful Sagittarius will become deadly serious when you zero in on these areas.

Dignified Capricorn can be quite intimidating on the sexual front, but rest assured that this sexy sign is worth seducing. A slow, steady approach works best with Goats. Limit your first encounter to a lingering kiss.

Then the next time you see each other, caress Cappy's back, neck and shoulders, applying firm, insistent pressure. Make a strategic retreat when Capricorn begs you to finish what you've started. That's why in your case it's very important to consider your bed compatibility and to try and make the most of your lover.

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Sagittarius finds answers through pleasure, and that's why they need someone special. Pay attention, centaurs: 12 zodiac signs, 12 bed behaviours. Aries and Sagittarius make up one of the most fun-geared pairs in bed, because they both conceive sex as a fun time with no limits, an experience to live to the fullest. Aries offers Sagittarius the freedom of adventure, so our centaur friend will be absolutely fulfilled and satisfied about the goat.

Sagittarius will take the lead in imagination and fun, thinking of new games to bring Aries to the limit, who will want to switch places and be the leader on the climax of the relationship, taking things to a wild, passionate stage where all fantasies can come true. Although they might get to know each other well with some work, essentially speaking, Taurus and Sagittarius are incompatible in bed. In fact, Sagittarius is too ambitious a challenge for Taurus, who at the same time becomes a barrier against the centaur's aspirations.

They both come from excessively differing points of view.

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Taurus, both in sex and life, is practical and structured, and drives their feelings through preservation. On the other hand, for Sagittarius, sex is a hectic adventure which encourages to break the set limits, just like life itself. That's why it'll be very hard, and even too much, to find a middle ground.

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When we bring Gemini and Sagittarius together, we don't quite know what could happen. These signs are so contradicting that they become strangely compatible, and bed-wise, Gemini's intellectual stimulation might be good for the interests of the playful Sagittarius; thus, they both enter an action-riddled love game where they can both feel like the childish Gemini and adventurous Sagittarius that they are.

Besides, the centaur's passion will quickly connect with Gemini's communicational skills, and together they'll come to achieve quite an interesting sex vibration transmission that could bring bed-sharing to the next level. Bed compatibility with your Cancer partner is quite low and there's too many obstacles for something satisfying to ever happen.

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This is so because Cancer is a sign that's too mysterious and emotional, and even though eventually Sagittarius will also need some warmth and sensations, the crab could turn out to be too deep. However, Sagittarius' optimism will make them see the good side of coming together: both Sagittarius and Cancer are highly sexual signs, so they need to try and find the ideal relationship where both can be pleased. The centaur can bring some fun into the transcendent Cancer, who will in turn offer sensuality and morbidity. LEO July 22 - August Sagittarius and Leo have a lot to give each other in bed and they're highly compatible, because there's not many signs out there who fit the lion's needs this much.

In a sexual relation, Sagittarius won't mind giving in to the conceited Leo and letting him rise as the alpha male. Besides, Sagittarius is a sign who enjoys giving, and won't think twice before worshipping and flattering their Leo lover, who is so desperate for approval and admiration. In exchange, Leo will feel stimulated by the challenge of satisfying their devoted centaur in whatever flirty, naughty activities they suggest, thus entering a game of mutual connection and stimulating concessions.

The reserved, punctillious Virgo could bring the extroverted, liberated Sagittarius to despair, and create a sense of incompatibility that's hard to overcome. The key is that the centaur should manage to keep Virgo locked up in an aura of sensuality, and as long as they feel comfortable, they'll liberate themselves and offer their Sagittarius lover a suggestive showcase of sexual attraction and power.

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If this doesn't happen, Sagittarius will find that Virgo is blocking their aspirations and cutting off the wings of their imagination, because Virgo always wants to be in control, and feels very uncomfortable when experimenting. Patience will be key for this promising relationship.

ESCORPIO - PISCIS (Compatibilidad)

Initially, the relationship between a Scorpio and Sagittarius could bring some fireworks: the passion of these highly sexual signs will keep them wrapped up in a big pleasing bow. But essentially, they're both incompatible, and contradiction won't take long to show up. Scorpio is a water sign, and as such, individuals of this sign are deep and intellectual; Sagittarius, on the other hand, is fire, fun and adventure. They don't want to feel tied down, but Scorpio is jealous and more than willing to keep their partner on a leash.

Besides, Sagittarius is straightforward and honest, but they'll hit hard the wall of the introspective, shy, and excessively mysterious Scorpio lover.

compatibles con pisces signos Compatibles con pisces signos
compatibles con pisces signos Compatibles con pisces signos
compatibles con pisces signos Compatibles con pisces signos
compatibles con pisces signos Compatibles con pisces signos
compatibles con pisces signos Compatibles con pisces signos
compatibles con pisces signos Compatibles con pisces signos
compatibles con pisces signos Compatibles con pisces signos

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