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This is threatening, so Aquarius is unsure of whether to accept or resist it. Together with the above mentioned Uranus in Aries sextile, this promises to make a very interesting year for Aquarius — but as an observer more than someone participating actively. In the case of the Scorpio events, Aquarius is quite pleased with being no more than an observer.

That Zodiac sign is of the same air element as Aquarius. Also, Mars will reach Aquarius at the end of So, this aspect will have some influence over the whole year for Aquarius. Libra is the sign of principles and uncompromising logics. With Mars this is even more emphasized. Firm dogmas are being formed and defended, especially regarding basic moral values.

Normally, Aquarius is not much for dogma and firmness when it comes to ideas or anything else, for that matter. But in this case Aquarius sort of agrees with the principles emerging, as well as the necessity of them. In their opposed influences, they need some kind of balance. One without the other would lead to an extreme outcome. This is particularly important in , but Aquarius is always aware of this conflict and its possible complications. Many others are ignorant of it. New thoughts are fine, but not all old thoughts are bad.

And traditional values have a merit, but not if they are never questioned. During the whole of our modern era, Aquarius is oddly ignorant of its most important process, which is that of increased ambition regarding home and family. That depends on the cluster of planets in Capricorn. Five are there: Pluto, Mercury, Venus, the sun and the moon. Pluto, Mercury and the sun even form a tight conjunction in the New Year horoscope chart.

The complete world horoscope chart, based on Greenwich at Midnight, the first of January, Click on it for a bigger image. Click here to read more about the world horoscope predictions:. This is a huge thing, influencing just about everything in society, especially in Little of what happens in the world will be as remarkable and lasting as things related to home and family.

This field of life is in a process of becoming increasingly important and enforced, so that society more and more gets to orbit around it, with few exceptions. But Aquarius is surprisingly unaware of it, although it happens quite near and has so many and big palpable effects. So, others will take for granted that Aquarius observes it all up close, and they are confused when they realize that this is not the case. Aquarius is confused, too.

How The August 12222 Full Moon Will Affect Your Love Life, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Things are going on just about everywhere, and they seem to be important. To Aquarius, it all seems like chance incidents. There is much in need of figuring out, so it has to take some quiet time. By observing the movements of the planets, astrology can reveal certain things about what will happen to Aquarius during the year — at least some of the most significant events. Here are the astrological forecasts for the Aquarius Zodiac sign in and the last few years:.

Here are the horoscope forecasts for each of the twelve Zodiac signs, based on sun sign astrology your birth sign :. Rarely directly aggressive, these people win your heart with their gentle and refined ways. Although diplomatic with acquaintances, when Moon in Libra natives argue with their long-standing partners, they rarely let up until they win. Living with Lunar Librans can sometimes feel like you are on trial, and Libra is the expert lawyer. Sometimes, though, Libra is defending you and supporting your point of view. Looking for that one elusive perfect way to lead their lives can detract from enjoyment of the moment.

While others may find security and comfort in material things, Moon in Scorpio people seek out emotional intensity. No matter what, there is something very intense about Lunar Scorpios. Their deep-seated need for transformation and rebirth can manifest itself in the lives of Lunar Scorpios in different ways.

The Aquarius Woman: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

Most have powerful, emotionally intense lives. In some way or the other, Moon in Scorpio natives seek out intense experiences. If their lives are regular in any way, there can be an unconscious need to test their own strength and stir up emotional excitement. Self-awareness and acceptance is probably the best way to handle this deep need for emotional drama. Lunar Scorpios want all or nothing. Moon in Scorpio people often have a strong fear of betrayal. They seek out commitment, and feel the need for a partner to give up something for them.

Some will put the people they love through a series of tests, and these are not always conscious. Their apparent suspicion can be trying for the people who love them. However, once committed, Moon in Scorpio people can be the most loyal and protective partners around. Even the shy ones have enormous presence. Their lives are emotion-driven, yet many Moon in Scorpio natives spend a lot of time controlling and mastering their emotions.

Their intuition is enormous, although it is sometimes self-serving. Moon in Scorpio people radiate strength. It would be difficult to shock or scare away Lunar Scorpios in the face of emotional honesty and power. Some people instinctively want to lean on them, and other less brave folk run a little scared. This ability to understand human motivation and nature can be too close for comfort for some, and enormously comforting for others. Many Lunar Scorpios are intelligent and astute. Those that use their enormous powers for intimacy and honesty are the happiest, and they make the most interesting and rewarding friends and lovers.

More than anything, Lunar Sagittarians have a need for personal freedom and space. Lunar Sagittarians have a simultaneous need for activity. Meeting new people, going out in the world, and travel are all important to their sense of well-being. They love open spaces, and, in their homes, a roomy and bright environment. They easily forget appointments and the like, and some are even considered irresponsible. However, it is hard to stay angry at a Lunar Sagittarian!

Aquarius Moon Sign People

They are extraordinarily cheerful and upbeat, and their optimism is catchy. Many people with this position are outdoorsy types. At the very least, they have a great love for changes of scenery and some disdain for the regular routine. They also enjoy friendly competition. When the going gets tough, these people run away. They simply believe that everything will work out.

Not much for making detailed plans, people with Moon in Sagittarius prefer to wing it. They are also hungry for knowledge, new experiences, and mind-expanding ideas. They are great lovers of the truth, and they make wonderful, inpsiring teachers. Being useful and productive are basic needs for Lunar Capricorns. Because they generally keep their emotions under check, Moon in Capricorn people come across as competent people. This position of the Moon suggests a desire for clear boundaries and realistic goals.

The Water Bearer

Not much for taking risks in life, Lunar Capricorns look for safety and security in most everything they do. Most of them respect authority and tradition, and many are planning well ahead of the rest of us. These things come naturally to them. Truth is, they can have plenty of mood swings and some dark emotions now and again. Lunar Capricorns are often quite hard on themselves, and would benefit from letting their guard down once in a while.

They quickly garner reputations of being mountains of strength, and they easily hide their sensitivity behind a sarcastic manner. You may have read that Moon in Capricorn natives are a bit cold and calculating.

Aquarius Moon Sign Emotions

They keep their emotions under control. Wherever Capricorn is found in the chart, there is a desire for structure and control. Capricorn is the sign of organization and efficient management; so, when the Moon is found in the sign, the world of emotions are well-managed and handled in an efficient and practical manner. At the heart of Lunar Capricorns is a powerful need to feel worthwhile in the real world. Lunar Capricorns put a lot of value in all things tangible and real. And, perhaps more than anything, they need to be respected by others in order to feel secure.

Moon in Aquarius people are extremely observant. They are lifetime students of human nature, loving to analyze why people do what they do. This often stems from a detached—even shy—personality, especially in youth.

11 Things You Need To Know About Loving An Aquarius

Although rather sociable, they are often loners at heart. Many have strong egos, or at least powerful defense mechanisms, and most Lunar Aquarians will do their best to be the most unique and unusual person they can be. There is a very idealistic and progressive streak in Lunar Aquarians that is admirable indeed.

Aquarius September 2019 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

When this goes too far, Lunar Aquarians can be emotionally blocked, distant, and detached.

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