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Many thanks : I've really found comfort reading all of these comments and knowing it's not just me! Well I was born December 2nd I first started to experience the angels number I was in a bad direction in my life when it started. I did a research and found this page and the meaning of I try to fulfill the message everyday of my life as ots written here. My life changed and more will change yet. I got closer to God, accept Jesus in my life and love my family and others unconditionally as 66 and bible says.

Now, ive been experiencing the angels number 22 and This message just came to enhance what I already knew. God has something big for me and He's working in my life until im ready to receive it.

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Still today I dont know if I believe the angels number or its just a coincidence. But its hard not to. I just wanna thank you for all the explanations on this page. God bless you all. I have seen the number22;22 three times in a week on my cooker clock is there any signifacanse in this tia.

I got a message exactly at time and today's date is I am trying to influence weather for rain and same time successfully to complete my higher studies to the best materialistically I am also here because i see this world dying because of weather modification! See the affect on earth now because of chemtrailing.

I cannot believe you are one of them trying to mess with mother nature. Surely is against God's will! My whole life has been a series of 22's. I was suppose to be born on Feb. My parents got married on the 22nd of June and ever since I considered it my lucky number and my number for motocross it has shown up everywhere!!! Just today at KFC, the price of our meal was I just don't get it sometimes!!! Whenever I look at the clock during a stressful moment or an important time, even if the clock isn't set to the right time it ends up being or !!! What is this suppose to mean?!?

The same thing happens to me since the age of 16 every time I looked at the clock it was xcetera, and I know everybody thought I was crazy but as it was happening everyday I would point it out to my husband and he was amazed that every time I looked at the clock there was 22 so now I'm not so crazy but I still don't know what it means because I feel I have no purpose on this Earth as I never had children so I will never have grandchildren so what else could my purpose be?

As this is telling me the number 22 means it's your sole purpose in life and you are to find it but I just can't imagine that I have any purpose here but just so you know you're not alone. This incredible. I have been experiencing the exact same thing for the past couple of years. In the very beginning I would see the number on my clock, watch or phone every other evening. I would simply be minding my business and for some weird reason, I would get the urge to look at the time at that particular moment.

It was extremely scary for me because it got to a point were even if I had slept in earlier that evening, I would abruptly get up and when I would toss and reach for my phone, the time would be Of course a number of my friends though that was somewhat creepy. I hated seeing this number, every time I would see it, it would sent chills down my spine, on the 22nd of every month, I would be extra cautious and alert with what I did because I didn't want anything bad to happen, I was just so paranoid.

When I finally spoke to my Father about it, he told me that maybe instead of overthinking all the time, I should embrace it and pray about, perhaps it is a sign of some sort. I decided to take his advice and I made peace with it ever since. Even though I haven't gotten any sign or reason as to why I see this number all the time, it has just become more frequent now. The clock will show 10;22, , , or most of the time I decide to check what the time.

I would turn my head and the cab number would be or randomly a number will be on a gate or door and it's I am not very spiritual but I really would love to find out what this means. I have ruled out that it definitely isn't a coincidence anymore. No joke! Truly, as I was reading this not knowing the time exactly. The number also means a word wisdom truth I am 1 angel that is on earth to observe there are 4 more on earth and 2 more on the way after we have looked and helped but we are not going to show are self's but we are always helping and guiding you.

If you want to chat to me more than email jsoden gmail.

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If you are an angel among us is it possible that we can encounter one of our angels without even knowing they were sent to guide us and protect us? I've always seen the number 33 but I also feel that God is calling us to a higher wisdom and knowledge that we havnt found yet is this true? I'm blown away. It was once september I started to notice the number 22 on my washing mashine screen showing the time left to finsih the session. So the same day I emptied the content from washing mashine to the trumble dryer and started it. Later onI went to the washing room to pick something i noticed the timer is showing the number 22 again!

I Didnt think too much about and went out and continued doing other things. Later that night i sat before my laptop when i noticed the clock was showing So I am telling you people, from the day after that incident, the number 22 was haunting me everywhere. The busses which were passing by had the number 22, the recites from the supermartket once i bought food for ,- and the time on the recite was It felt like i was living in some sort of sciencee fiction move.

Seeing of number 22 continued untl january During this time my husband left me october and by desember he told me that he has met another woman and has feelings for her. So I was heartbroken and feeling that the world is ending for me. But I was still keep seeing the number This had become so often that I started to get panic every 22th of each months getting close.

Because I was expecting something is going to happen during those days but I wasnt sure what. But nothing happened and I kept seeing the number everywhere And this continued until january One night in the begining og january out of the blue without me thinking to get involve with any other man since i was still kinda heartbroken and missing my ex husband and best friend who found someone else. I met this guy and something amazing happened the first moment we spoted eachother as if our souls met!

I have never been into love at first sight or anything similar but that encounter I can not describe the experience. It was love at first sight and our souls as if they tangled to one another. Very soon we created this bond and were madly in love with eachother and this Didnt take more than one week and we could not be sparated!.

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Once when I was talking on the phone with him I asked him this question: Have you ever experienced to see a certain number all the time eveywhere? When I heard that I just couldnt believe that he just said that and i kept asking him how and when he said everywhere and the way he said was very casual because he had got used to it , It has been since some years ago he had started to see this number. When I told him my story we just looked at eachother and laughed and we both knew this was something meant to happen our uniq encounter.

So since he is living in England and I am living in Norway, after 4 weeks We decided that I go visit him in England and I was in the airport and was checking in my luggae, so after I got my boarding pass I could see that my seat number was !!!

Since that trip to England I stopped seeing the number ! I loved your story and can relate to what you mean about always wondering if something were going to happen on the 22nd of the month. I use to wonder daily what may happen at am or pm. I kept my eyes wide open no doubt Your love story was uplifting and i'm happy for you. Take care and God Bless! That is a very cool inspiring love story! According to an Angel numerology book I reference every day, means "keep the faith". Your guardian angels were trying to comfort you during your relationship difficulties and let you know that someone better will come along, which he did!

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Good to hear a happy real life story! I was born on 15th March I will be 22 in a six days time. Can you please tell me my Life Path number? I believe the number 22 is my number. I only realised this recently. I had always thought it coincidental that both my children were born at 22 past. Two years ago I had to get out of an abusive relationship, I got the courage to report my then husband to the police on the 11th of June, that was the day my marriage ended.

Recently I started a new relationship with a wonderful man who was born on the 22nd of January, I realised just after this that if I add my two children's birthdays together I get 22 1st and 21st. After starting this new relationship I noticed a building I drove past on my way to work every day had the numbers on it, my birthday is the 19th.

I also notice 22 a lot on my car clock. Ok ,so I'm commenting on this because, I'm one of these persons that believe in Angel numbers and I'll tell you why, : I kept seeing the number and one day my frI end opened up my eyes even more meaning, he observed that my properties where and are 2 of them repeated and progressive 1ns and by that j mean my first property was number 1 my second is 11 and third is ,now for the past year something I've been chasing this girl that came to be the woman of my dreams witch I am dating at the moment and even more, we are about to get married and also we are expecting a child, and now for a while I've stopped seeing the number but saw and I've looked it up.

Thank you so much for giving me the answer for the mystery of I have self understand that it is the indication of upcoming event or some kind of change to come in my life but at one point I was so confused and was impatient to know the mystery behind recurring observanve of digit 22, whether its the indication of good or bad event.

My desire to know the answer has directed me here and come to know that I am angel Thank u so much for realizing who am I and what's the purpose of my life. I been seeing 22 all day it started when I had a dream about I have been paying attention to angel numbers since March-April and since then I've literally seen every single number from as well as plenty of 3 and 4 digit numbers maybe numbers in all. Some of them only appear for a day, some a week, some never stop, and others come and go.

I have not met anyone or read any comments here of someone with the same sequence or similar, what does this mean? I looked for info about 22 because two nights ago I had a dream in which there were two 22's for example, one of them was purchasing something for 22 dollars. Then in the morning I turned on the radio and heard that there were 22 Kurds killed. So I became curious about the number. The info provided here is inspiring and positive. Thank you. I wish someone would help me here.

I got pregnant but the father of my child didn't support me. I have a love of my life. His bday is July 22 and my baby was born on the same date. I dunno.. He got a girlfriend. Or still being with him or friends with him? I haven't seen the guy since May I don't know what 22 means.. I kept seeing the number By all means have fun but on the other hand what would it be like if you where the girlfriend and not the lover. And if you start dating do you think he would be loyal to you. Answer these question put to you.

You'll have your answer. He still with his.

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Girlfriend I take it. What Joanne said about 16th which is my bday she has got me too a tee but I keep seeing and today So I'm going to read up any knowledge I may learn surely will help me from what I'm going to read. Follow your heart with the other. I'd love to get more answers, I've seen on a clock every single day for the past 6 years or so and the number 22 would pop up everywhere throughout the day, my birthday is January 22nd and since meeting my soulmate, whose birthday is November 22nd,we both see it even more, up to 10 times a day or so.

We're both very spiritual but since we've somewhat lost touch with it the number shows more still. Anyone get this? Lovely Joanne! I had Angelic Reiki initiation, become a healer :- Best year for ages of misfortune passed behind I love, I learned to love, I learned to accept angels and Light! God entered my life, knocked and yes it isn't the God I spent my lifetime with it is a newborn God for Christmas this year, lots of symbolism of angels and love, compassion, charity and I am on the right course in my life.

I love my life. Seen 22 some times ; God Bless you all! The last month, the number 22 has been popping up every where. Then my daughter started noticing it. Lately, the number has been appearing which is my stillborn daughters birthday. I don't know what to think about it all. I've read what those numbers mean on your site, but I'm still not exactly sure what the angel is trying to tell me.

Hi Joanne. I have a strong relatinship with a woman. Its a powerful relationship, for good, but also for bad. Very intense. Sometimes It seems my energy goes away after been with her. But at the same time I wish her like never I wished anybody. If I had to be a woman I would like to be her I Know that now the sequence is related with our relationship.

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I mean, I think that somebody is telling me or to go ahead with her, or to split off the relationship. But i don't know wich option is. The last time I went to her house to talk about ours, when I knock her door, it was in my telefone. My intuition says that possibly is the second option That I should broke the relationship , but may be is the fear to go ahead with her, because I always avoid compromise. Can you tell me somethig about?? Hi, in about I started seeing the number everywhere. For example I would just happen to look at a clock that never normally look at and it would be there.

I finally decided to find out the meaning and looked at your page for help and it really helped me. I have now started seeing the numbers and again this information has really helped me understand. I'm 17 years old so probably a lot younger than other people however you have really helped me open my eyes, thankyou. As I passed a gas station i noticed the number A couple of days before that it was only 22 Then when I made a u turn, another gas station to the right there was the numbers And as I was driving down the street,I happened to look over to my right, and as i looked at the license plates on the car the last two digits were Then as I made a u turn at the light and as I looked over to another gas station, I saw As i was close to my house, I happen to look over to my left, and the mail box in front of a house had Awesome information!

You have accidentally repeated many words in your description of 22's characteristics. Personally I tend to discredit any information when I see grammatical errors so I just wanted to bring it to your attention just in case someone else does the same. Can't get away from this number to the point it's distressing, i'm also It's a shame about it's meaning too cause I can no longer maintain any form of optimism without lying to myself; such is life, pray it ends soon 22 is wasted on me but thanks for the insight x.

Numbers schumbers. What I would like to know, as would the rest of the world, how does one cure Scoliosis? Hi, I also have been seeing the number 22 daily and i do mean every single day for the past year and a half. First, i wanted to say this started 3 days after my mother passed away. I began talking to my sister about it as it was making me feel very uneasy.

Had i not seen it sometimes 4 to 6 times daily i wouldn't have been uncomfortable as i was. I mean you would have to be in my shoes to understand how often the number 22 was in front of me. It happens many, many, many times. Back when this started i thought it was my mother trying to get my attention to tell me something, make me do something.. I spent many days and nights trying to figure out what was going on and why this number was being seen so often.

In the beginning i thought wow, that's just a coincidence. My family told me that as well.

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I accepted it as being coincidental until it turned in to seeing the number 22 not only once daily, twice daily, but up to 5 and 6 times daily some days. I got to where i didn't bother to mention it to my family because i know they thought i was making a big deal out of nothing but they just have no idea what's been going on.

I now keep it bottled up inside and never say anything more about it to them. It got to the point i became frightened and began researching to see if others have experienced similar events also. I was happy and surprised to find this website. At one time during my experience i had a strong feeling that i wanted to start attending church again.

I haven't been since i was a little girl. My grandmother took us to church with her every Sunday when i was younger but haven't been back since. For the past few months or so i have been talking to our father and feeling like i'm at a point in my life to where i want to begin attending Sunday service. I have much to learn about the bible because there is so much i don't understand God Bless! I just got a job offer as a manager with a great and promising company. I've been getting a lot of these messages for a long time and it's amazing. Also I've been in a terrible relationship that I think is holding me back.

I just dont know where to start. But what im really eager to know is the meaning of this. Over the past almost two years I've broken up with my girlfriend more than 10 times only to get back together again. We always broke up on the 22 of the month, our biggest fights and arguments happened on the 22 of each month. Each time we got back together we grew spiritually, raised our level of awareness until we recently reached the end of our experience together. Once again breaking up finally on the 22nd. Can someone tell me my 's? Really your post help us in writing my first Post.

Thanks for your nice Post. Visit: spiritual dating. I always wanted a football jersey when i was younger when i got one as a present it was number My fiancee birthdayis the 22 nd. Bus 22 picks up right outside my house. Hello There, My grandad passed away on the 22nd October , and since then my family and partner all see 22, regularly. As we sat around his bed in the hospital, on the 21st October he slowly begun losing consciousness.

His moment of passing was 2am, on the 22nd, which is my mother's birthday his daughter. Further more to this, across the Atlantic Ocean my brother's wife had just given birthday to their first child in Bermuda in the early hours of 22nd October This sequence of events holds a huge significance to my family, and opened our eyes to the spiritual world. Although we cannot explain the reason, 22 is our daily reminder of our family-bond, love and spiritual connection. Would this hold any significance to me at all?

Hi there Last I saw in dream a vision of nr 22 bright light colour like a flash of photo ,soon after it I woke up. My birthday is Does that have any meaning? Hey so I've been seeing 22 constantly lately and as I'm writing this I just took a glance at the time and is am so ye very weird lol I have asked my angels to show me 22 if something I've asked is going to happen if not then don't show me it. I'm seeing it in the time and randomly on expiry dates on food packaging and also verbally where a song with 22 in it came on and watching a movie where the man repeated the 22Nd about 10times.

I took a walk yesterday and said to myself I should stop being silly that what I've asked a sign for is something to good to be true and well it's probably not a yes answer to it anyway but something different. As I said this to myself and said forget the number 22, I looked around me and there it was two industrial bins with a phone number ending in Safe to say I'm just gonna keep the positive vibes going from this number and enjoy knowing I have angels wanting to remind me of their love and well if the answer I've asked for isn't what will happen then I just gotta figure out exactly what they are trying to tell me : Love this site and explanation!

I have been seeing these numbers in sequence for the last 10 years I've had nothing buy hardship, this was before I had children Maybe, just maybe So I've been looking up angel numbers way before today because I have been seeing the same time twice allot such as and so on, but lately like for the past week I've been noticing the number 22, Like etc Because i thought that consecutive number only matter. Trust that your home and family will be well provided for as you strive towards achieving your goals " I didn't feel like explain all that over again.

At the time I truley needed it because my idol.. It showed me that I have to remain positive her sickness isn't that bad it's manageable.. I had to remain postive because it was simply the right thing to do and I had no reason to be negative I can't hold on to my fears on what could happen or it will manifest. Your thoughts are more powerful than you think.

Which leads me to last night I woke up at exactly with a severe back pain that didn't allow me to continue on sleeping until the afternoon lol guilty and I woke up to take an ibuprofen buy it didn't work so when my sister woke up she came downstairs and she was talking about what some athletes do to relieve back pain which is this thing called cupping. I quickly tried it and let me tell you this I cupped my whole back and it's bruised lol I must have had allot of toxic in my body. After that I felt lighter and brighter and quicker idk how to explain it but this morning I saw ,,,, and lol I was on a roll and I finally realized that it wasn't the entire time number I was looking for it was only the 22!

As a master number, 22 is associated with the vibration of The Master Builder who has the ability to turn the loftiest dreams into concrete realities. When the number 22 does not appear in the Life Path, Destiny or Soul Urge areas of the Numerology chart, it is treated like an ordinary multi-digit number, which means that it derives its energy from the single digit root numbers from which it is made.

In the case of 22 the root numbers that inform it meaning are 2 and 4. The number 2 is the number of cooperation and partnership. It brings an air of teamwork and camaraderie to any situation in which it appears. The number 4 is associated with Earth-bound concerns and problems involving work and material life. When 4 appears in your Numerology chart, it is indicative of hard work and practical, materialistic concerns.

When these two qualities come together you end up with someone who is cooperative, pragmatic and highly skilled, exhibiting a great deal of professional potential. The World card is symbolic of the attainment of your ultimate spiritual fulfillment. As a master number, the vibration of number 22, the vibration of the Master Builder, is even higher than that. The Tarot card that is associated with the energy of 22 is usually The Fool card. This seems like a contradiction at first, until you take a closer look at the symbolism of The Fool, which is strangely elevated given its name.

The Fool card is either numbered zero or goes unnumbered in the Tarot deck. As a null card, however, it can be said that The Fool is outside of the spiritual progression that the Major Arcana represents. The archetype of the Wise Fool is as old as time itself. The Major Arcana of the Tarot shows the progressive evolution of the neophyte or fool as he travels through all of the symbolic or spiritual archetypes on the way to attaining the highest spiritual realization.

The image of The Fool in the Rider Waite deck is of a young man up on a ledge, his eyes fixed on the heavens above. Even though there is an abyss before him, The Fool is not afraid because he has mastered his inner space. The number 22 is more of a potentiality than a prophecy. If the number 22 appears in your Numerology chart, it is a sign that you have the potential for spiritual mastery and great achievement.

However, if you are not up to the challenge of mastering this high vibrational energy, then you will fall to the level of the root number that informs number 22, which is materialistic 4. The number 22 is your birth number if you were born on the 22nd of any month, but you share a similar energy with those who were born on the 4th, 13th and 31st.

As a birth number, 22 stands as a kind of potential. The vibration of number 22 is extremely high and manifests as 4 energy until adulthood.

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single number 22 my birthday Single number 22 my birthday
single number 22 my birthday Single number 22 my birthday
single number 22 my birthday Single number 22 my birthday
single number 22 my birthday Single number 22 my birthday
single number 22 my birthday Single number 22 my birthday
single number 22 my birthday Single number 22 my birthday

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